Wendy Magazine #7

Wendy Magazine #7 / $1 / 24M / :25 / http://www.wendymagazine.com /

I guess that I take too long reviewing zines sometimes. Or, I tend to grab zines from the free table that individuals have hoarded for a year or so before moving on to another set of zines. Anyways, this issue of Wendy still has the same quirky humor that was present in the last issue reviewed. This time, the theme is the “2004 Election Guide”. This time, however, there is a little less of quirky humor (or maybe I’ve just gotten used to it after reading the Jesus-themed issue). What I felt was the most funny piece in the entire issue is a letter written by John Kerry to Monica Lewinsky, discussing their relationship (and musing about how jealous or saddened eir bike seat may be). Why they say that the letters that the print by an old woman from a nursing home are true (these letters were present in the Jesus issue), and show a person that is virulently anti-Catholic and against anyone in power with an IQ lower than 120. Regardless, they provide more humor; this election issue goes beyond being silly with the election and into the same realm of absurdity that their Jesus issue had; they discuss wanting to vote for Ralph – not Nader, of course. Anyways, Wendy Magazine is on indefinite hiatus now, but they are working on other projects and they will still send copies of their work out to anyone who pays $1 and postage. Pick it up if you like things such as Mr. Show, The Ben Stiller Show, or The State.

Rating: 6.0/10

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