A Fine Idea At the Time

A Fine Idea At the Time / Fourth-Sized / 16 Pages / photographicfiles@yahoo.com / PO Box 210814, Nashville, TN 37221 / 

This zine is absolutely perfect. Not too much information on each page, and a scratching of the surface of a younger individual who finds out that ey might be pregnant. Ey’s period is late, and various other factors contribute to this worry. This zine discusses in detail this individuals’ (this is all anonymous) struggle with trying to find a pregnancy test and the reluctance of telling the individual that ey slept with. At the end of the zine there is a lot of information about the various methods of contraception and how well they work, as well as some websites one can go to find out more information. The zine reads so quickly that it is really hard to make out any of the backgrounds, but they all make the text stand out, due to the fact that they are very dark pictures. The front cover, a sketch of a feminine figure, looks beautiful, and really kind of describes what lies beneath the cover. By far, AFIATT is the equivalent of a cookie – I loved every minute of it and I wanted more. The information contained within was so helpful, that I just wanted to read four, ten, or even thirty other issues of that. Thank you, mystery writer!

Rating: 8.9/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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