Cashiers du Cinemart #14

Cashiers du Cinemart #14 / 1:30 / $5.00 / 92L / PO Box 2401, Riverview MI 48192 / / 

I’ve heard of CdC for quite a few years, and I was quite enjoyed when I got a copy of this issue to review. Obviously, the topic fueling this magazine is cinema, and a large section of this focus involves reviewing or otherwise enlightening the general public above movies that they should see. While I came into this zine with a fear that this would be total film-school thesis material, the crew at CdC are very cognoscent of the language they use, trying to keep the reading interesting without being too technical or jargon-laden. The interviewees’ named means absolutely nothing to me, but people like Greydon Clark and John Daniels are incredibly important to those who are currently making movies, and the interviews are both succinct enough and in enough detail that the true importance of these individuals are shown. By far though, the money shot of sorts comes in the massive amount of interviews that CdC thrives on; these aren’t the fifty or hundred-words studies of generality that so many other zines use, but longer and more in-depth views of a movie that makes me want to try to track some of these movies down. Only a few pages of advertisements are to be found in CdC; added to the incredible amount of material, these two factors show CdC as a magazine deserving of your hard-earned $5. And hey, they covered Shock Treatment in detail, as well as enlightening individuals about a movie that never got out of script – the Dieter Movie! A true resource for movie buffs and causal reads alike.

Rating: 8.6/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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