Collin Herring Set to Release “Past Life Crashing” Spring 2008

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, CA Collin Herring returns to music after sifting through the wreckage of years of personal turmoil, with a penetrating document in the form of his new album, Past Life Crashing. Scheduled for release in March 2008, the 11 tracks convey certain urgency in its description of life – songs about disintegrating relationships, booze fueled laments and the search for emotional sobriety. Drenched in Herring’s marked reverb-laden guitar crunch, the collection brings together elements of his alt. country Texan roots with nuances of classic 60s rock and the in-your-face emotive essence of punk.


Past Life Crashing is imbued with lyrical elegance, graceful intellect and outstanding musicianship from a truly innovative and prolific songwriter.  The album provides a fearless firsthand account of the efforts involved in the day to day survival of someone whose life has spun out of control.  On tracks like the punk-rock tinged number, “Yard Cars,” Herring describes the temporary relief alcohol supply’s a distressed mind as he sings, “Yard cars, falling stars/We’re closing bars with open arms/Shot dead and lost the drive to take us to/Where the stars intended, where the stars intended.”  In the sweet, rueful yet romantic song, “One Last Morning,” you get a taste of the bittersweet remembrance and stark realization when the torment in a relationship outweighs the comfort.  Herring’s soul bleeds through his voice as he sings, “Have you been living in the world of temptation/In the back seat with a guy who’s not waiting/To make another date with, make your heart safe/Kiss a little deeper or scratch under the surface.”  The album is a testament to anyone who’s realized this destructive spiral and had the will and courage to change, rise up out of the ashes up and begin anew. 


Rife with song rewrites, production changes and misspent studio time, Past Life Crashing took a little over 2½ years to complete.  Emerging from those years of stammered missteps is an album that proves once again that to achieve true clarity in the midst of self-destruction one must invariably hit bottom.  This wondrous creation of sounds is sprung from the all-star collection of musicians and producers working on the album including: Collin Herring (guitar/vocals), Ben Roi Herring (pedal steel/backup vocals), Ken Coomer (drums) Audley Freed (electric guitar) and Andrew Duplantis (bass guitar). 


Past Life Crashing is the third album from this immensely talented alt. country/alt. rock singer-songwriter, whose songs will weld themselves into your psyche, and cement Collin Herring’s position as one of the preeminent songwriters of our time.

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