Dagger #32

Dagger #32 / 68 Pages / Full-Sized / Tim Hinely, PO Box 820102, Portland Oregon 97282-1102 / daggerboy@prodigy.net / http://www.indiepages.com/dagger /

Hey, another issue of Dagger. This time, though, there are even less acts that are being interviewed that I’ve heard, and the same amount of reviews still choke the life out of what might be a slightly interesting zine. This issue starts out promising with Tim’s editorial, discussing the money problems that ey has and how it was virtually impossible to find a decent set of advertisers to pay for this issue. However, this issue starts to stall with interview after interview conducted in the same style, reaching a critical point when an interview features one member of a band who is coincidentally married to the next interviewee. Finally moving into a capture of the San Francisco Pop Holiday about a third through the issue, a number of names are dropped that I haven’t heard. I’m sure if the type of music that was being played was more along my type of things, I would check out the ample listings, but as these are mostly indie-rock bands, they pass me by. The next 48 pages are chock full of advertisements and reviews, which only reach a high point with the small number of zine reviews that have been printed. The reviews, so many in number, are incredibly short and only usually drop the names of one or two bands, many of which I’m completely ignorant about, for me to make an assumption about how the band sounds.

Rating: 3.6/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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