Dagger #32

Dagger #32 / 76 Pages / Full-Sized / Tim Hinely, PO Box 820102, Portland Oregon 97282-1102 / daggerboy@prodigy.net / http://www.indiepages.com/dagger

While there is always the maxim that one should respect their elders, and the fact that Dagger has been around for over 16 years, I just can’t really get into this magazine. The paper its printed on is newsprint, and pretty much every piece in the magazine is laid out in the same Times New Roman 10 point font. Normally, that wouldn’t present a problem, but what really gets in the way of me enjoying this magazine is the fact that everything is laid out the same, the interviews (which are over 10 in number) are with bands that absolutely no one has heard of, besides Redd Kross and All Girl Summer Fun Band. In fact, layout is most definitely a problem during The Orchid Pool’s interview, which is not in any semblance of order. Some lines have 7 words, some have two. The style in the interviews is pretty dry, technical, and really not funny unless the band places their own spin on things. Much like Shredding Paper, the next 50 pages after the opening section and interviews are all sorts of reviews of all genres. However, reviews and interviews alone typically won’t bring people to read a magazine. Pretty much the only thing that I can say that Dagger has going for it is the free price in Portland – at that price, it really is a good value. However, the $2 price for anyone that is not in Portland just is a tad too much.

Rating : 3.9/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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