Dunk and Piss #9

Dunk and Piss #9 / 64 Pages / Forth-Sized / 11 Alger Dr, Rochester, NY 14624.

Well, I was supposed to get this zine from Alex himself, and even sent him money, but I was a moron and forgot a letter in his street name. So, I bought this zine from Microcosm during AMC, and I am still glad. The excellent writing, the events that don’t really matter in the scheme of things, everything is still there. More comic bits and chunks adorn the background of these pages, and it is almost as fun looking for what comics each chunk comes from as reading the zine. While pretty much every zine known to human has given D+P a good review, and for good reasons too, I’ll try to do something with this review that actually tells you something about the zine you did not know before. First off, #9 deals with the multiple attempts that Alex and a group of musically-inclined friends try to crash their own prom, as well a piece of stone attacking him and the troubles he has shaving. Alex’s strength in writing this zine is that he puts you next to him in all the events that happen in his life, regardless of whether it is stealing a library book or moving a soccer net in front of the doors of the school. Dunk and Piss is truly a zine that deals with the average fun one has in the average day. People that have led sheltered lives will definitely be impressed or amazed by what Alex does in the average day.

Rating : 7.3/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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