Graphic artist for Aesop Rock, The Perceptionists, C-Rayz-Walz, Murs, and El-P Drops first full length

Nights Fall

(Brooklyn, NY January 16th, 2008) Queens-based emcee and graphic artist Bisc1 will be releasing his first full length album, When Electric Nights Fall, this spring on March 11, 2008 via the Brooklyn-based indie hip-hop label, Embedded Music.

Bisc1 recorded the majority of WENF in the evening hours, not only because of the demands of his day job as a graphic artist but also because this is when his creativity thrives. Nighttime is a time when most of us relax and try to make sense of our day, with all our successes, failures, conflicts, celebrations, doubts, and stresses. With When Electric Nights Fal,l, Bisc1captures these emotions we all share with a blatant sense of urgency. Just as a train takes passengers on a ride from borough to borough with varying landscapes, WENF brings listeners on a nighttime ride through the realms of our psyche. The album ventures from our feelings of highs and lows in “Parallels,” being thankful for getting though another day in “Pandemonium,” the beauty of having loved ones in “Fire and Ice” and “Unconditional,” the perverse passion of pursuing our vices in “Strange Love,” and dreams, illusions, and escape from daily routine, in “Great Escape.” WENF is a glimpse into Bisc1’s personal journey but he deftly touches on emotions we’ve all experienced in our lives at one point of another.

A native of Massachusetts by way of Connecticut, Bisc1 moved to NYC 10 years ago and quickly made a name for himself DJ’ing at clubs, distributing mixtapes, and in graffiti circles. Soon, Bisc1 picked up the mic and won several battle raps including the Whose Line Is It monthly at the Knitting Factory in NYC 4 consecutive months in a row. His debut release, The Basics EP (2006), gained the favorable attention of music critics and his subsequent release, The Stay Up Project mixtape (2007) was downloaded over 5000 times. Bisc’s penchant for capturing our chaotic reality with his narratives, images, and collaborations has earned him a reputation as one of the most honest and creative artists of today. Going beyond music, Bisc1 is also an accomplished graphic artist. He’s done cover art, designed promotional materials and spearheaded art direction for artists such as Aesop Rock, The Perceptionists, C-Rayz-Walz, Murs, El-P, and others. His art has been featured in several magazines and art house coffee table books and in galleries, such as Danny Simmon’s Rush Arts Gallery. When Electric Night Falls, for which Bisc did all the art direction, will be available March 11th on Embedded Music.

Track Listing of When Electric Nights Fall:

1. Night Fall

2. Turbulence

3. Parallels

4. Pandemonium

5. Paranoid (feat. Esen & Grimace)

6. Sidelines

7. Fire N’ Ice (feat. Mariella)

8. Unconditional

9. Strange Love (feat. MeresTD4)

10. Another Day

11. Inner-Mood

12. Great Escape


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Bisco Smith

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