Havoc Unit Set To Release h.IV+ in February

Finland’s and Oceans is dead, now rises the new age of machines: the industrialized proclamation of Havoc Unit. Havoc Unit is the new propaganda machine & the audio-visual forum for artists to collaborate without restrictions: a test channel where neurons communicate via chemical and electrical synapses in order to spread audio-virulence and bacteria. The iridescent concept album [h.IV+] is a terror  assault on the world taboos & baboons, and for parental advisory, its explicit content may raise animosity. Listen-Consume-Delete[Yourself]!

Bipedal primates wake up and listen to the new propaganda machine! After two years in the labor camp the debut full-length album is finally finalized. The iridescent concept album is a terror assault on the world taboos & baboons and will be released in November 2007 via Vendlus records. h.IV+ contains encrypted information and the song titles on the promo-version are falsified.

h.IV+ can be interpreted in several ways: Hoarse Industrial Viremia, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Havoc 4+ [h-letter indicating Havoc, IV indicating number 4 and +-sign indicating accession] With a highly developed brain capable of abstract cognition and introspection combined with an erect body carriage that frees the upper limbs for manipulating objects, we humans adept at utilizing new systems of communication for self-expression, the change of ideas and organization. We tend to create complex social structures composed of co-operating and competing groups, ranging in scale from small units to species-wide political, scientific, religious and economic unions. Social interactions between humans have established an extremely wide variety of traditions, rituals, ethics, values, social norms, and laws which form the basis of human society. Humans have a marked appreciation for beauty and aesthetics which, combined with the human desire for self-expression, has led to cultural innovations. Fuck that shit. Havoc Unit is here to kill the culture and to manipulate the natural phenomena called art and culture.
All 6.6 billions, hail the dead flesh, this is The Foundation and The Manifest of Futurism.

Collaborating artists on h.IV+:
And Then You Die / Audio Parasite / no Xivic / Solefald / Strom.Ec

[Release Date Changed to February 4th, 2008]

“…a sickening project that tries to infect you virally of bacterially with a unique blend of death metal, black metal, industrial and soundscapes.” 90/100 – Lords of Metal

“…the best industrial metal album I’ve heard in ages, and a no brainer for anyone the least bit interested in the genre.” – Metal Review

“This shit definitely cracks the dawn of a new era for industrial metal”. 4.5/5 – Das Vierte Reich


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