The End of a Perfect Day #8

The End of a Perfect Day #8 / $1 / 1:00 / 48M / /

Joyce Leslie tells the story about eir trip down to Puerto Rico. This is pretty interesting, but there are a number of times during this issue where one can just tell that ey is looking for the right word or phrase and completely wiffs out on it. Phrases that are meant to be poetic are just awkward and stumble; what results is that Joyce seems to know not the words ey speaks. Howeverm there are some very positive things to come out of this issue. For example, the cut and paste over full images is a style very near and deal to my heart. The fact that Joyce can talk about this same trip with only the most minor of framing for forty-eight pages should be admired. As this is a perzine, there are no advertisements to be seen. This issue is black and white and also allows for readers to just enter fully into Joyce’s life without reading any of the seven prior issues of the magazine. The only thing that I would really change about this issue of Joyce’s magazine would be a greater editorial process, where ey brings a draft copy of this issue to a friend of a member of eir family and just see if the narrative flows well. If so, go forward but I bet that there are a few places during this magazine where other individuals will have problems with. Still, this is a lot of material for only a dollar; if you want to know about Joyce’s trip down to Puerto Rico, pick up this issue.

Rating: 5.5/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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