White Hinterland Offers First Taste of “Phylactery Factory”

We are excited to share “Dreaming of the Plum Trees,” an MP3 from
White Hinterland’s debut album, “Phylactery Factory,” which will be
released on CD, LP and digital formats on March 4th, 2008 via Dead
Oceans. “Dreaming of Plum Trees” has already made an appearance on a
few blogs thus far; read below and find out what the excitement is all

Download “Dreaming of the Plum Trees”

Posts on “Dreaming of the Plum Trees”:
When Dead Oceans sent over “Dreaming of the Plum Trees,” I could’ve
sworn I’d heard it somewhere before; maybe in some lost animated
Christmas special I saw as a kid, or buried away on one of my parents’
dusty LPs. On “Dreaming” — and much of the wonderful Phylactery
Factory LP, for that matter — White Hinterland recalls pieces of
Guaraldi, Sufjan Stevens, and Joni Mitchell at once, as Ms. Dienel’s
endearing voice skates over that instantly familiar bassline and
playful, jazzy piano shuffle, resulting in one of the best songs of
this young year – Gorilla vs. Bear
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“Her bookishness is fun — the name of the first song on Phylactery
Factory (maybe a “Piss Factory” nod, or she’s just making amulets) is
called “Destruction Of The Art Deco House” and she also sings about
Napoleon, metal birds (on one of our favorites “Lindberghs + Metal
Birds”), Calliope (for one of her bigger Joni Mitchell turns), and
small town homecomings with all their streamers. Musically we thought
about Jolie Holland at first, and she can trill her scenery-setting
words like a Newsom, but this is heavier somehow — and not just
because of the roaring psych guitar line on “Dreaming Of The Plum
Trees.” – Stereogum
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About “Phylactery Factory”:

Casey Dienel’s wise for her age. Just twenty two and already she knows
when to put on her mittens, when to cover her flowerbeds, when to take
out the chestnuts and Vince Guaraldi records. Whereas 2006’s Wind-Up
Canary was short stories, little Salinger vignettes, Phylactery
Factory is filled with dreams, memories, warnings. Dienel’s voice is
more hidden, crouching amid swish, drone and the wildflower jazz of
her friends – and this second LP is released under a new moniker. It’s
an album full of reminders. Reminders of the likes of Laura Nyro, Joni
Mitchell, John Cage, Alice Coltrane, M. Ward. Reminders of winter. But
mostly reminders to oneself. This is what a phylactery is: the
tefillin worn by devout Jews upon head and arm; a prayer in a box and
then knotted into place; the reminder of a one and only. – Sean
Michaels (www.saidthegramphone.com)

http://www.myspace.com/caseydienel (including demos from Phylactery Factory)
http://deadoceans.com/artist.php?name=whitehinterland (Dead Oceans artist page)

Tour Dates:

02/02/08 Boston, MA – PA’s Lounge
02/08/08 New York, NY – Cake Shop w/ Angel Deradoorian of Dirty
Projectors, Inlets

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