Bret Mosley Releases “Light & Blood” To Adoring Public

  Filled with the sounds of a warm lap-style dobro, and enthralling, deep vocal stylings, Bret Mosley’s Light & Blood is a heartfelt masterpiece. “Run It Again” takes us from the uplifting and relaxed atmosphere of the previous songs on the album, and shakes us with the grim reality of the perils in our society through Mosley’s eyes. As one of the only songs in the album written in a minor key, the song portrays scenes of desperation, retribution, subdued frustration, but more importantly, the hope that shines through it all.

“Run It Again” was inspired by the devastating tsunami that crippled Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand in 2004. “It felt to me like Mother Earth was giving us a spanking,” says Mosley. “She was reminding us that she brought us into the world, and should could take us out any old time she felt like it.”

The passion behind “Run It Again” is undeniably fueled by Mosley heeding the call from nature, but the track also digs further into the problems facing our individuality and the society that embraces it. While reading works of Ken Wilber and David Deida, Mosley began to make some realizations about his culture that surrounds him. “The whole matter of sexual politics and polarity was working me over personally at the time,” says Mosley. “Being surrounded by so many hardened, masculine woman and foppish, metrosexual men—I felt like something was badly out of whack.”

For Mosley, “Run It Again” is partly about being isolated and confused in this society that was moving in the wrong direction. “It seemed that the culture was trying to self-correct for the excessive masculine imperialist aggression that the US corporate barons have wrought throughout the world,” he says. “Somehow in this self-corrective impulse, we were missing the mark.”

Mosley taps our shoulders lightly with melody to remind us that “men can be men, and women can be women, and it can actually be a good thing. War isn’t a show of power, it’s a display of fear. The ocean…that’s power.”

Mosley’s first studio album Light & Blood (Woodstock MusicWorks) is available now.

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