Filter Mini #12

Filter Mini #12 / Free / :20 / 36S / / Reviewed 10 August 2006

Filter Mini is amazingly enough a miniature version of the larger Filter magazine. I am so happy that Filter has moved away from covering the bands that it publicity arm were focusing their energies on at the time. This issue sees features with a number of British acts that are tearing up the charts in the United Kingdom but are not doing much sales here, a list which includes bands like The Zutons and Electric Soft Parade. There are a large amount of advertisements during this issue of Filter Mini, but what can one expect? This is a glossy color magazine done for free; the advertisements in this issue are luckily on topic and usually are for services that individuals reading this issue would want to use (Urban Outfitters, Siren Music Festival). There are some hard-hitting interviews and features in this issue of Filter Mini, so it seems as if the next thing most readers should do is find a store that stocks copies of this gold mine. The coverage of Sufjan Stevens is a little late, but I guess ey has a new album out so that little bit of added coverage isn’t too hacky. The only thing that I would changer about the CD reviews is that I am sure that more albums than just the Joan Jett album have a failing review; I know it is cool to dump on your idols (a la Pitchfork) when they try to do something new, but Filter is a little better than that.

Rating: 6.6/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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