From the Diane Files : Volume One : The Doghaired Infants

From the Diane Files : Volume One : The Doghaired Infants / Fourth-Sized / 48 Pages / Love Bunni Press, 2622 Princeton Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

As the title may begin to indicate, the people at Love Bunni Press put together an advertisement in Maximum Rock’N’Roll about “Diane”, someone who was “Lonely 18 year old female into violent beauty, chaos as freedom, grotesque dark nite flighting and subjection through poetry. Write and tell me your dreams.” From that, the editor has printed some of the letters (apparantly, there are enough issues to make at least a second issue of the zine) that ey had gotten for the zine-reading public to see. Some of the letters are funny at how pathetic the people lay themselves out to be on the page, but this zine really makes me wonder why some of these people would be so forward with someone they have never met. I mean, I usually let myself out later in the friendships I create, but what is the use in saying that you are in a mental institution or in prison or something? Half of these letters seem to be what we at my college radio station would call “sticky letters”: letters from prisoners that would hear the voice of a female on the radio, and pleasure themselves a few times every week when that specific person was on, and when they were writing letters to them. All I have to say is ick. This zine is the equivalent of a reality show or a “Real TV” type thing. It really makes me think less of our great human race.

Rating: 6.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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