Fun Time Comix #3

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Okay, this issue of Fun Time Comix has a few different pieces to it, but these diverse stories (well, at least the first two comics of this issue) have two major things in common: a very-visible cartoonist, and an immediate entrance by the character into a bar. Interestingly enough, after the first two pieces the comic does branch off and while the bar/baseball setting is dropped, there are still currents that are largely present in this issue. Loneliness seems to be the soup du jour for this issue, but that may just be something that is highly present in Todd Purse’s life: two pieces of eir are in this issue, and both send to be drawn heavily from eir life. Overall, the amount of comics in this issue is a little sparse, but the teaser for the next issue is a nice touch and will get individuals to purchase #4 purely based on the next segment of “The Floor Is Lava”. A mite confusing in this issue has to be the page devoted solely to a design, without anything in the way of accompanying text. Fun Time Comix seems to be the repository for a number of artists who are struggling to get a few new outlets; the artwork present in this issue is on the sketchy side, but how wonderful would it be to see a few years from now Todd’s art and compare the styles side by side? If one is a fan of up and coming artists, Fun Time Comix should be a necessary read.

Rating: 5.5/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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