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Johnny Guitar sounds like: Bon Jovi Meets Sugaland, Rascal Flatts and Toby Kieth with that big male and female power hook and chorus everybody loves. The melodic guitar sound reminds you of all your favorite songs…

Johnny Guitar Biography It was January 29, 1972, John was nine years old. His Dad brought him to Brian’s Guitar in New Haven, Connecticut. That day, in the back seat of the 1950 Green Chevy, was John’s first natural wood “Fender Stratocaster.” John’s first Guitar Amp, a sears “Tiesco” with only a small Eight (8) inch speaker. One knob, to turn it off, and, one knob to turn it on.

Thus, only one volume knob John listened to his favorite artist(s) of the day; Led Zepplin, Kiss, Areosmith, Jetho Tull, The Beatles, and the all powerful Jimi Hendrix. It wasn’t long before the small amp was replaced with a 50 Watt Marshall 2 X 12 Combo Amplifier. John playing by ear, and, with his only music book Introduction to Guitar: by Mel Bay: John struggled through the chords for hours each day he quickly learned the Hendrix riffs and was well on his way to his first gig.

That day came, and with a few kids from school, it was Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” that rocked the small Cape Style house of his parents. Now, Two (4) album’s & videos later, available is Johnny Guitar’s new 3rd album entitled, “Johnny Guitar – Johnny Goes Country.” The Compact Disc was released May 1, 2007 and John’s 4th album entitled, “Johnny Guitar – Rolling Down 95” The music; a cross between Bon Jovi, Sugarland, Kieth Urban, Toby Kieth and Montgomery Gentry. After years of rock, blues, and heavy metal, Johnny Guitar is emerging and finding his roots in today’s Modern Country Music Scene. It was this Memorial Day 2007 when at the home of his Childhood Friend “Johnny Mushala” a/k/a “Johnny Moosh” that with his simple Yamaha Six String and a cold one by his side John’s song dedicated to the United States Military was born.

Today, Johnny Guitar’s new Country Single “Let’s All Stand Together In The USA” has received over 700,000 MP3 Downloads “ and rocks the airwaves on college radio, on the net at; Http:// and Http:// and Http:// and also on,, and hundreds of MP3 sites. John has recently received heavy rotation on American Idol Underground plus charted over a dozen songs in the top 40 this past year. John has received national and international distribution through, and, plus he’s on over a million Touch Tunes Juke Boxes in clubs throughout the USA and Overseas. Sales are steady in both regular retail and MP3 sales. The sales proceeds from the single are being used to get care packages to our US Troops on a bi-monthly basis. The final line up of players and back ground singers are being carefully put together by John’s Indie Label, No Quarter Records, LLC. Then, its show time…. See you on the road, for details, go to: Http://

Now available are two (2) brand new johnny Guitar Albums: “Johnny Guitar – Johnny Goes Country” Released may 1, 2007 and “Johnny Guitar – Rolling Down 95” To be release january 29, 2008 right on Johnny Guitar’s Bithday. Go to Johnny Guitar’s Website: once there just click on Johnny Guitar’s Picture and your into the site. The music is a cross between: Bon Jovi, Sugarland, Rascal Flatts, Toby Kieth & Montgomery Gentry. Don’t Forget to play Johnny Guitar when your out at your favorite club on the Touch Tunes Juke Box, just spersearch Johnny Guitar under the artist button, manually spell Johnny Guitar on the keyboard and there he is. “Girl Gone Wild” and “Table For Two” are two 92) hot picks. Put in your dollar and lets rock. Vote for Johnny Guitar on American Idol at: & Click the listen button next to the song and a voting box will pop up, drag the orange buttons over to 5.0 with your mouse and click submit and repeat the process on the remaining songs.

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