Deadsea Set to Tour Through 2008

DEADSEA formed in 2003 when veteran composer-guitarist-vocalist Adam Smith decided to fuse his love of metal, doom and free music to create a trio that would provide “apocalyptic visions for positive ascendance”. He found a perfect foil in longtime friend and bassist Alex Conley, who had spent six years as guitarist and composer in bizzaro hardcore band Three Studies For A Crucifixion. This combination of ideas make up the unique sound of DEADSEA: metal mutation, passion is law, and the rest of the rules are thrown on the fire. In February 2006, a new and vicious addition, drummer Jeremy Spears, was brought into the mix. Spears brings the technical discipline DEADSEA’s music requires along with an enthusiasm for testing new boundaries that improvisation allows.

In May 2005, Desiderata was released on indie label Chrome Leaf Records (Melt Banana, Portal, Dead Child), receiving universal acclaim in the local press despite lengthy songs such as the 22 minute opus “Salem.” By this time the DEADSEA live experience had become legendary in the area. Their epic versatility led audiences through extended noise freak-outs, all synthesizer sets and unrelenting doom punishment. People were leaving shows with mouths agape and national acts were scared of their powers.
Now available is the band’s latest venture; the self-titled release on Chrome Leaf Records. Extensive touring in 2008 is already being mapped out with Earsplit PR running the publicity machine. DEADSEA are label shopping their newest opus in hopes of garnering interest to a larger audience.

Check out the track “Killing Faith (Crying Death)” here:

Deadsea’s current live ventures:

04/04/2008 Thursday’s – Akron, OH w/Beast, Nihlitia
04/05/2008 Ruby’s – Columbus, OH w/Beast, Nihlitia
04/18/2008 Ruby Tuesday - Columbus, OH w/Dead Child, Sword Heaven

“Deadsea stirs in the NWOBHM and a host of other ingredients like hardcore, jazz improv, Sabbath, Venom, Carcass, Vitus, 21st century black metal, and most of all thrash… behold a black vision rising like an immense decaying fetus from the swamp of your subconscious.” – Hellride Music

“Whatever you call these Columbus, Ohio spawned bitches; they are simply very talented and original… Indie or not, this is an early candidate for album of the year or 2008.” – Hardrock Haven

“The listener never knows what’s coming next but he can always count on it being good.” – Corazine

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