Fakelife #6

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This issue of Fakelife is about the trials and tribulations that individuals have to deal with around the period of Valentine’s Day. The first story in this issue is “Young Love”, a story that is written in a very idiosyncratic style. What I take from the story may not be what the author wishes individuals to take; I feel that the piece  is about the youth (a younger version of the author)( hedging eir bets and trying to woo two individuals at the same time. The second piece details a letter that an individual wrote to a father figure about porn, and how DVD and pornographic movie theatres far outstrip VHS versions of the movies. “Self Love” s the next prose piece, and among the very detailed and intricate paragraphs that are present, the sense of lost love comes through, a story that everyone is familiar with but few can capture as well as it was here. The articles have a number of variations in regard to overall tone and style, but they are combined to show exactly how harmful and negative a holiday Valentine’s Day is. The piece that hits me the hardest of all of those in this issue is the discussion of the care that an individual has for a lover – going so far as to spend the last dollars ey has on bananas and milk to ensure the oncoming hunger doesn’t become too big of an issue – and the reject of that care, being that the individual wants a hamburger. Stark, hard-hitting, and a new take on Valentine’s day.

Rating: 7.2/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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