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Health and Safety at Militant Actions is a great introduction to the world of protests and the proper way to maintain one’s safety while at events. While the version I have is old (March of 2001), the information is of a general enough nature to still be valid. What seemed most informative to me was the breakdown of the proper attire for a protest, that is to say what materials absorb tear gas and what the proper get-up should be for the least possible chemical contaminations. Other ideas, such as using apple cider vinegar to combat against the ill affects of breathing in tear gas provide activists with a bevy of ideas. The zine itself is very down to earth and really does not get hung up on politics. This could conceivably be used by pro-lifers (if they were ever actually approached in the same way as liberal activists). In fact, this is largely detached from the environmental/earth mother aspect of things, providing only the idea of “Detoxification” (that is, to eat organic and less-processed food and get more rest) to combat the post-protest ills. The discussion of post-traumatic stress disorder, at least for me, really showed that these events are more encompassing than standing around for ten hours and getting arrested. Aside from the physical harm that police intervention can have on a person’s body, the psychological damage levied can be even greater than anything mundane individuals can do. Pick this zine up, or go to for updates.

Rating: 8.5/10

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