Heartattack #45

Heartattack #45 / .50 / 64M / 1:00 / PO Box 848, Goleta, CA 93116 /

Heartattack has the best value for the amount of content for practically any zine that I’ve ever laid my hands on, and they have some of the best bands interviewed with each and every issue. #43 has a one-two assault with Bloomington, Indiana’s own Ghost Mice and DC favorites 1905. Everything is laid out normally, bookended by a number of advertisements but to be fair, these are advertisements for CDs that otherwise I would not know existed. For example, Find Him and Kill Him and The Plot To Blow Up the Eiffel Tower both have new albums and I had NO idea. Continuing on the ad binge, it shocks me that Jacob David actually has enough in the way of cash to buy a $35 ad – one has to wonder if ey has the same “rich white parents” that ey lambastes in the ad. Anyways, the columns that one can find in Heartattack are as varied as the styles of music they advertise, with a scene report coming from Ben Parker, a relationship piece by Vieue Simba, and an anti-Philadelphia piece. Of course, the best reason to read Heartattack is the monthly piece by Mack Evasion, one of the most impressive and vibrant of the writers in the entire punk/hardcore/whatever scene. The reviews that make up the last section of the zine are fairly well-written overall, giving enough space to actually allow for some extra description. Finally, though, are the zine reviews, which provide a service to a community that is otherwise overlooked. Pick up a copy of Heartattack and it will definitely be the best 50 cents you’ve spent.

Rating 7.5/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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