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There is a remarkable blend of Arts and Technology which is molding the career of recent artists and musicians of the 21st century. The debut album “Acroiris” by Anuradha Sharma spins a new captivating sound which echoes an unconscious familiarity in its milieu. Each track on this album is an invitation to soft contemplation while enthused by its jovial rhythmic section which, inclines towards a mood of light hearted distraction. As an exact science & engineering graduate her approach to understanding music was a bit different from her fellow Music major colleagues.

Sharma: “I understand music as patterns; therefore the multi-track placement of various instruments in a synthesizer is seen as the placement of diverse patterns in an aesthetical arrangement.

I also like to think of a melody as the plot of an equation. An equation being a formula which dictates the behavior of the curve, yet by plugging different values into its variables and parameters we can manipulate the path of its curve.”

Having being brought up in a cosmopolitan environment, this influenced her music in a positive way.

Sharma: “I choose the rhythm sections to be representative of various cultures; I used South American rhythms for the composition ‘Native Skies’, Eastern sounds for ‘Amazonas River’ and techno for ‘World Travel’. I feel that music should have one very important ingredient- the strangely familiar element. So the rhythm sections are popular percussion arrangements from around the world, which is familiar to many people, but what ties the compositions together into this album is the use of minimalism technique when composing the melodies. This is the novelty part.”
Sharma’s music illustrates the compromise between the rationality and intuition, structural order and free fluidity, between science and art and thus between the heart and the brain. Composed simplistically, yet Acroiris houses the complexity of balance between such contrasting elements mentioned above. It may very well be the trigger which accelerates the development of a new genre of music within the field of electronic and computer music.

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