Trueroots is a great service for those individuals that have to call India for whatever reason. The 247 customer service that the group offers far outstrips the service given by any other companies that sell india calling cards. For individuals that have friends or family in the country, india calling is something that they would have to do on a fairly regular basis. Since Trueroots is linked to the well-respected (even in international circles) Tata Group, individuals can be sure that they are only getting the best service. The best addition to their service is the possibility of not having to use a Pin number for up to 5 different registered numbers. Especially for those individuals that have to call India frequently, the addition of this service is extremely beneficial. Individuals that are using this service now will be glad to know that Trueroots is looking to expand to television services and other forms of media; given them a few months and chances are good that they will be a full blown media conglomerate, providing individuals with all of the services that they need. So, the next time that you need to clal India, give their service a spin and see if they will work out for you in 2008.

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