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Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz (PS2) / 2007 Sony / /  

Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz is the fifth entry in the Buzz! series of games. For anyone that is into trivia, Buzz! is one of the few games that is on the Playstation 2 that can honestly sate that urge. As individuals may be able to glean from the title, “The Hollywood Quiz” contains a number of questions that have to do with Hollywood, stars, and movies. The different activities that one has to do will keep the game fresh through multiple plays. For example, the “Top Rank” exercise has individuals order four things correctly, while the “Fact or Fiction” exercise will have individuals attempt to guess whether what comes up on the screen is truth or a lie. As is the case with the previous iterations of the Buzz! series of games, up to four people can be a part of the festivities.

This renders it a “must have” for any type of party, and the brand of trivia is interesting enough to capture individuals’ interest, no matter how “brainy” they may be. Individuals that wish to bone up on their Hollywood trivia or just gain an edge over individuals that may play the game later in the night can also play a single player version of the game, which limits the individual to the “Time Builder” and “Hot Seat” games. To be honest, I have little clue where Relentless Software and Sony can go with future iterations of the Buzz! series of games. This is due to the fact that there have been games dealing with Music (current and throughout the ages), Sports, Hollywood (this one), and have even been a few entries into the younger market (the Buzz! Junior set of games, which contains “Jungle Party”, “Robo Jam”, “Monster Rumble”, and “Dino Den”.)

The one thing that I do know if that, whatever does come out, it will be a game that has tremendous legs. Buzz! games are the Trivial Pursuit of the oughts, meaning that any family that is worth their salt should at least have one of the multiple games of the series. “The Hollywood Quiz” may be a late addition to the Buzz! family, but it contains the same catchy questions, fun styles of play, and replayability that each of the previous games in the series were known. Give the game a go if you consider yourself to be a fan of trivia at all.

Rating: 8.0/10

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