DJ Rob Gee To Release Second of Three Part Album

Known as a DJ and called “The Gabber Guru,” Rob GEE will release his latest album, “Says,” on May 6th on Rock Ridge Music. It is the second album in a three-part series and follows his self-titled release which came out last fall. The album is 100% Rob GEE: eclectic, unexpected and completely unique. GEE’s band, who recorded the album with him and perform with him live, includes: GEE on lead vocals, Einstein (electronic percussion), Mike Puch (bass, vocals), Vin Man (guitar, vocals), T-Bert (drums), Nicky Twist (turntables, vocals). GEE is currently gearing up for a summer world tour in support of the first and second albums in the series.

GEE’s history of DJing (across the world) and live performances shows his dedication to bringing the fusion of organic and electronic music to a wide variety of listeners. GEE’s love of hip-hop, hardcore, techno, metal and every other genre set him apart from the rest. While other DJs make tracks and spin records, GEE is an artist who writes original songs. His indecisiveness as to whether or not he wanted to breakdance and spin hip-hop or jump in the mosh pit and play in a metal band was one of the reasons he began to cultivate his own style of both. Rob GEE is the only artist of his kind to collaborate and create with members of respected rock, metal, hardcore and hip-hop acts such as Slipknot, Hatebreed, Biohazard, Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, and System Of A Down (just to name a few), creating a unification of electronic, metal, hardcore, hip-hop, and any other style for that matter, known as gabber music.

GEE has captured the ears and appreciation of many in the industry:

– “Rob GEE has always been an innovator and legend in the music scene and once again he proves why he is. It’s like drinking a pot of coffee and putting your head through the wall! What could possibly be next?” – Chris Beatie / Hatebreed

– “GEE-whillikers, that crazy Rob is at it again. It is like electronic cannibals on a rampage with a GEE-spot tornado.” – Evan Seinfeld / Biohazard

– “The new Rob GEE album is one of the most dusted records I’ve ever heard. Rob GEE continues to push the fine line of creativeness; he’s a futuristic character with incredible musical ability. Sound-wise his music is unlike anything I’ve ever listened to. I look forward to a future collaboration with Rob GEE and his crew.” – Sen Dog / Cypress Hill

– “Rob GEE hands down innovated the hardcore/gabber sound and movement.” – Shavo Odadjian / System Of A Down

– “Rob GEE is a unique artist and DJ whose music will not only shake the walls and dance floor, but also mind and body.” – RZA / Wu Tang Clan

– “It is so aggressive and ahead of its time. He was the first I heard mashing hardcore gabber, breakbeat jungle, hip-hop and metal, all in one. Rob’s sound was and still is a huge inspiration for me and the way I approach my electronic music when in the studio. Unorthodox, truthful, disconnected and pure, real music is full of breath and energy which is exactly what Rob fills you with when he walks into a room.” – DJ Starscream (a.k.a. #0) / Slipknot

His diverse appeal keeps him performing weekly at all types of musical events and concerts. GEE has shared the stage with everyone from Hatebreed and Biohazard to Crystal Method, Busta Rhymes, Kurtis Blow, and Afrika Bambaataa. GEE gained worldwide fame after the release of “Ecstasy You Got What I Need”. The song went Gold and was the #1 video on The Box for 13 straight weeks. At the same time, “Ecstasy” rose to #9 on the pop charts and earned him Best Artist, Best Producer and Best Song of the year at The Thunder Awards in Holland.

GEE has put out over 50 releases in the past decade on various labels including ADAM (Aggressive Dance And Music) Worldwide, his self-owned label and primary showcase for his work. Rob GEE is also one of the key celebrity faces of the urSESSION family founded by his dear friend, Shavo Odadjian of System Of A Down. is the free premier site which is a social and professional networking destination for music fans, independent and unsigned acts, dealmakers and celebrities, as well as established bands. /

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