Ghost Of The Russian Empire Debut Album Coming Soon On Thirsty Ghosts Records

“In late 2004, we decided to put a band together because people seemed to think musicians are smarter and more attractive than regular people. Not disagreeing with that line of thinking, the band was born. We played some shows and decided we should have something recorded. We told producer Erik Wofford [The Black Angels, Voxtrot] we get him face to face meeting with David Bowie and he agreed to work with us. We recorded our EP With Fiercest Demolition in 2006 and the reviews were good. No one seemd able to tell is was really a love letter to our childhood heroes Jack Tripper and Captain Planet. Whatever. People can have their own interpretations. After some more show and adoration, we figured we had enough material for a full-length. Erik still believed we could getting him to David Bowie, so he produced and mastered the mammoth for us. I don’t know much longer that lie is going to take us with him, but maybe by then we’ll actually know David Bowie. the mammoth is all over the map sound-wise. It’s like an exotic, alien zoo with weird scales and fangs, softened by the dark emptiness of space. The music of a first date and a divorce proceeding.” – Brandon Whitten [guitar/vocals]


Praise for Ghost Of The Russian Empire:


“A Decade Without A Death opens with uppers and downers, driving rhythms and a veil of distortion and reverb, creating a medicated stupor that carries through the acoustic “Hammer Hands,” while the glacial contours of “Dresden” recall the dreamy ballads or Hail To The Thief-era Radiohead. Some please put this out, and soon.” - Austin Chronicle


“As cool and spectral as its name implies, the sound of thousands of Siberian souls crying out from the tundra.” - The Onion: AV Club 

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