lightningbug zine #4

This zine reminded me a lot of Ker-bloom, without all the overblown papers and stamps and everything. Detailing her early life, the zine talks about the first American address that she had (she’s from Canada), and the emotionality of her early years, culminating in a move after her brother died. The narrative hops in years from when she moves to America to when she moves to the second California address to moving out to Portland. Everything shows brief flashes of emotion, but I wonder if she could have went into detail about each place she had lived a little bit more. This issue is fourth sized, and she only fills seven pages with text. I find myself wanting more of her narrative, more of the same writing that drew me so deeply into a narrative which describes events that I have never been involved in. This zine is most definitely worth the dollar or trade that Kirstin asks for in a trade. I have no clue how many other issues of this great zine that she’s put out, but I would have to recommend this as a zine that really has potential out the wazoo and a story that will cause you to read it over and over, as it is so well-written, as opposed to this review. Write her at kirstin m.e. munro, p.o. box 3824, Portland, Oregon 97208.

Rating : 7.4/10.

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Author: James McQuiston

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