linoleum roses #2

linoleum roses #2
This was another zine that I reviewed and didn’t have the foresight to go and get the review off they other server before it shut down. With this issue, Sarah catches the spontaneity of such great zines as Mecaroni and Fleas and Ozzy Rocks, with her pieces about various different trips, to Los Angeles/Hollywood and Chicago specifically. She lets her feelings be known about the hatred of fatness in popular culture and her own personal beliefs in abortion. This magazine is stuffed full of reading, something that people just wouldn’t think would be the case in a zine that uses white space so liberally. By far, though, I would say that I was the most enthralled with the piece that she wrote detailing the numbers of cats and dogs she had in her life, as she is able to paint each individually, showing the nuances of each, and by extension, showing the progression of her as a person. The zine is very interesting, as it shows her own beliefs by having a number of pieces that one wouldn’t think would lend themselves well to a psychological study like a review of this sort. If you want a copy of this issue, send some money Sarah’s way, at Sarah Christiansen, 3 Gandy Dr, St. Louis, MO 63146.

Rating : 6.6/10.

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