Linoleum Roses #3

Linoleum Roses #3
I have the weirdest relationship ever with Sarah. I think, right now, that I am currently on her ignore list. She’s probably forgotten that I was even on the list, and is wondering why I am never on anymore. I think this last time we argued about the usefulness of reviews. Oh well. Her zine is still interesting, even if it does show a gradual movement towards the forced ineffectuality of a lot of “liberals” who feel that they cannot speak on a topic just because they are not in that group. Which also leads to the whole not wanting to use something just because it comes from a disadvantaged group or the like, because it may be an example of “misappropriation”. Blah. End rant. This issue is also the home to a simply fabulous piece that reads as if it were a story, about the introversions of youth, and the personal experiences that she has had with them. I don’t want to say this, but I really liked the old issues better. Sarah has been whipped into this specter of a person, someone who blindly follows the teachings of some zinesters that she considers wise. When she was actually herself, the zine was incredible. Now, it just reads as faux-leftist writing without any soul. Sorry, Sarah.

Rating : 6.0/10 .

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Author: James McQuiston

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