Looming Pylon #4

Looming Pylon #4 / :25 / $1.00 / 20M / Looming Pylon, PO Box 13647, Rochester, NY 14613 / loomingpylon@yahoo.com / 

Dreams and Christ. Yup. Not quite as preachy as The J Man Times, Looming Pylon shows a few events in the life of a swearing yet devout Christian. Andy comes into this issue saying that each foray into the zine world takes eir a few years, and this divide between when eir wrote this and that piece is no more evident than in the censoring of “fucked” in the opening piece, where later cussing is not obscured. The reviews that Alex scatters in this issue are a mite bit dated; for example, The Atari’s “So Long Astoria”. Looming Pylon is not that long, only twenty pages, and yet the pieces are laid out in such a way and are in such a small font that a piece can get old in the space of one page. By farthest the piece that drags on the longest would be the focus piece, “Press Onward Yet”, whether Andy discusses visions eir has had in the past that, unlike dreams, will not quit eir once ey wakes up. The constant God-dropping of this issue is annoying – sure, if Jesus Christ is a large part of one’s life it is really none of my concern, but when practically every single piece is devoted to promoting eir, it gets more than a little annoying. The backgrounds found in this issue are exquisite and show a considerable meditation on the most fitting image, but the long-winded writing takes a lot of the background’s thunder.

Rating: 4.6/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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