Love Fades #5

This is, in a few words, one of the cutest zines that I think I have ever received. While it is specifically for one man, the zine contains the story about how the zinester Andrea met her current boy and the blossoming relationship that they had. Placing one or at the most two different paragraphs on a page, Andrea ensures that each page is not too crowded with text and lets her always-interesting backgrounds see the light of day. Each page has as its’ own background a very time-consuming mini-collage that allows for readers to go through the zine numerous times without finding everything that the magazine truly has to offer. Thus, the zine is both simple and intensely complicated at the same time, while one can read the events dryly as just a linear progression, one can see the immense feelings of love that Andrea has for her boy and also the type of love that she puts into this magazine. Why I didn’t get around to reading this zine until now still boggles the mind, as this zine sadly goes much too fast. I started on the zine savoring every word, and in what seemed like about five minutes, the zine was done. This is not to say that the zine is short, but to say that the zine is so enjoyable that any end to it simply just an end that I don’t want to see. I would say to e-mail Andrea about getting this issue, but her site (she runs Five Minute Romance distro as well) does not have a listing for it, so I would say to look at the larger distros and see if any currently carry this issue or pick up her latest effort, #7. A great read for a great price! ($1/trade). Andrea, PO Box 56106, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

Rating : 8.6/10.

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Author: James McQuiston

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