More Said in Silence #3

More Said in Silence #3 / Half-Sized/ 16 Pages / /

Another interesting romp by Teresa, who in this issue mainly focuses on life in present. A minor intrusion into ey’s soul is the listing of ey’s purse, which has zines (like a good zinester), lip gloss, and deodorant. Moving onto a very odd story about an aspiring artist at KFC who, unbeknownst to Teresa, has painted eir’s portrait. The portrait turns out to be one of the better, yet silent pick-up lines – the portrait itself is of Teresa sitting there, and has the individual’s phone number. Moving into more of the personal arena, a discussion about Teresa’s current diet, one along the lines of the one prescribed by Dr. Atkins. While this issue is relatively short, Teresa does explain it off as the culmination and the boiling-down of possible material. I really think that this issue is very sharp, very pointed, and without material that just adds to the feeling that is strived for. Inclusiveness is the key term of this issue, as Teresa may be the only other zinester that I’ve read that focuses a section of eir’s magazine with information for those that have children. I do realize that East Village Inky and some other zines are out there that do it, but More Said in Silence is one where the fact that ey has a baby is incorporated into eir’s identity, instead of just being treated as something to be covered in another zine.

Rating : 6.9/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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