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ALEXA WILKINSON is more than meets the eye. Her pretty, girl-next-door face on a petite 5-foot 4-inch frame suggests nothing of the emotional maturity displayed in her debut album “Lullaby Appetite,” now available on iTunes and scheduled for public release this June through DNK Records. Alexa’s evolution into a musical artist originated from common childhood experiences.

I first got into music because of a boy. Yes, that’s right. I was about 10 years old and I had myself a little elementary school boyfriend who was taking trumpet lessons. So I decided I would take them too. Sadly for him, I got good really fast and he just kind of stayed bad. So I started playing the trumpet in band. Then I asked my dad for a guitar for my birthday when I was 11, he got me one, and the first song I ever learned was “Hotel California” (which my dad taught me).
My family was a huge influence on my love for music. My sister who has always been good at finding awesome music taught me everything I know about alternative music. The first tape I remember buying was Nirvana “Nevermind.”
By age 12, I had come to love everything from Sublime, to Shawn Colvin, to The Eagles. I realized I could sing around 13 when moving to a new state not only spurred new emotions but talents as well in writing. I started writing poetry and fell in love with free form.
One day in the shower I think I started humming a tune and turned a poem into a song. Everything pretty much evolved from that moment when I fell even more in love with song writing.

Lullaby Appetite consists of 11 songs that display a unique of blend of music from jazz, rock and folk influences. Penned and performed by Alexa herself, these songs represent her own personal journey through life, love, acceptance, and lessons learned. Her fresh, smooth vocals slide easily around the extremely memorable melodies, toe-tapping rhythms and sprite guitar playing.

The lyrics are rich with expression, exposing a vulnerability and honesty without naïvete. Rather there is an emotional maturity of looking at life with an optimistic eye, accepting one’s mistakes, and moving on.

From the jazz inspired “Sad Eyed Annabelle, to the upbeat and edgy “Good Fight,” Alexa’s songs center around love and relationships, something which everyone can relate to. In “Sad Eyed Annabelle,” Alexa portrays an unhealthy relationship where the girl is manipulating the boy, whereas “Good Fight” reveals Wilkinson’s more playful side, such as picking a fight in a relationship. Fan favorite and Alexa’s first single, “Of Graves” depicts a young woman reminiscing about a past lover, while “Lullaby Appetite” talks about a long-distance friendship.

Half of the songs on “Lullaby Appetite” were produced and co-written by singer-songwriter Josh Kelley. So naturally, Kelley would have Wilkinson along on tour with him. The tour for Alexa will kick off April 10th in Madison, Wisconsin and will continue to span 10 cities across the US, ending on May 4 in Los Angeles. Being a fan of Alexa himself, Kelley stated “I was immediately impressed with Alexa’s music­. She is an extremely talented singer and songwriter whose unique sound will no doubt propel her to the top. She’s got such a natural, easygoing style to her music that anyone from all ages can relate to it. I’m proud to have her on tour with me.”


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