The Swear release debut LP on June 17th

Hotels Rooms and Heart Attacks
June 17, 2008

Produced by:
Ted Niceley (Fugazi)
Matt Goldman (Cartel, Underoath)
Jeff Tomei (Smashing Pumpkins)

Mixed by:
Eli Janney (Girls Against Boys, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Garbage)

The Swear is both a blessing and a curse – an outlet of artistic expression for four individuals as well as a project trying to stand out in one of the most difficult industries of entertainment. With the arrival of their debut full-length, the Atlanta foursome present a confident mixture of pop and rock, peppered with the hard-edged remains of industrial and post-rock that appeals to the likes of adolescent punks and grown-up rock fans with very picky tastes; from the very impressionable to the near-impossible to impress.

A appreciation that comes with repeated listens is the attention to details: sweeping from epic breakdowns and choruses to the pauses for breath between tracks. The band members have their ears at attention, always, to what is loved by major labels and independent writers and music fans alike. Being in touch with the audience they both have and hope to gain are what have allowed them to grow from their 2005 EP, Every Trick’s A Good One, to this full-length collection that is exploding with talent and appeal. Striking a real balance between the pop and the punk has been a challenge for every band that has graced the pages of everything from Alternative Press to message boards.

Performer Magazine:
“…a mega-ton blast of guitar, drums and Elizabeth Elkins’ razor-edged vocals. Rough, demanding and alternately soothing and antagonistic, The Swear is unapologetically rock and roll.”

Guitar Player:
“Sometimes you just dig a good pop song where the guitarists are punching and jabbing through the melody and groove in a way that truly lifts things up. In this regard, Elizabeth Elkins and Jeremy Zamora are rock warriors with total command of meaty riffs, feedback swells, dynamics, and churning, crunching chords.”

Creative Loafing:
“One of the top albums of the year. A combustible presence.”

Fresh Tracks Music:
“It’s dark, it’s real and it hits home. Elizabeth Elkins is a top songwriter on the verge of big things.”

The 11 tracks that make up Hotel Rooms And Heart Attacks appeal to the likes of music fans that seek the assortment of bands have stayed afloat with their songwriting integrity. The Swear is just that, and are laying down the foundation for something very, very big. Hotel Rooms And Heart Attacks is hard work paid off, and will certainly attract the likes of many different music listeners.

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