Chord Easy (5th Edition, Sample Version)

Chord Easy (5th Edition, Sample Version) / $1 / 1:20 / 20M / Light Living Library, POB 190-cea, Philomath, OR 97370


Chord Easy is a magazine that ostensibly seeks to show individuals all they need to know about musical chords. The version that I have in my hands is the sample version, clocking in at 12 pages. There is also a sixty-page, $5 version, that would go considerably further into education individuals. The first page of the zine is the most beneficial to me, as it shows individuals how to play each major chord, and which chords sound well together. If individuals do not already have some form of musical education, the material present in Chord Easy is pretty difficult. However, Light Living Library provides individuals with a very simplistic (yet accurate) description of how to pick out proper chords, teaching individuals which chords are proper through the inclusion of incomplete riffs, which individuals have to fill out.

Discussion of 7th tones are present as well, further giving individuals tools with which to craft a solid song, regardless of the genres that the individual may like. While there are a number of different terms (TTAS and BEADG Sequences, for example) in Chord Easy, there is much care taken to ensure that individuals know exactly what the terms mean and why they are important in the greater scheme of things. Finally, there is a discussion about how the current note system was created, and why there are some weaknesses inherent in the system. This magazine may seem short to some, but individuals have tio realize that there is a deceptively large amount of information present on each page.


Rating: 7.6/10

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