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It has been a while since I’ve seen a personal zine of any sort, so reading No Snow Here took a decent chunk of time. The writer of this zine is Nadia, and the topics broached in this issue include Arab-American identity and feminism. What Nadia comes back to a number of times during this issue of the zine is following through with one’s beliefs. If one calls themselves a feminist, why allow a friend to call women a “cunt” or a “slut”? Consistency in beliefs seems to be the uniting thread through the entirety of this magazine. Also in this issue are Nadia’s travails with medical doctors during an HPV test and some small background about eir earlier life. This issue is short and only gives readers just enough information to get a taste for the zine. I know by the time I finished this issue of No Snow Here, I wanted to email Nadia directly and purchase the rest of the issues of the magazine. The zine is almost completely laid out by the computer but has a very cut and paste feel to it. The only time the issue becomes hard to read has to be during the opening piece, which has a fuzzy black font on a dark grey background. Of course, the text is still readable, but it is hard to discern at points. Still, a solid zine and one of the better perzines I’ve read and have reviewed. Email Nadia and purchase a copy.

Rating: 7.2/10

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