Crosby Loggins signs to Jive Records

On April 19th we announced to our readers that Crosby Loggins was selected to participate on MTV’s “Rock the Cradle” and not only did he rock it – he ruled. Last week Crosby took home the grand prize, a record deal with Jive Records. The feedback we had from our readers was varied, some thought that Jesse Blaze Snider should have taken home the crown with his back flips and mohawk in tow, while others were die hard Chloe Lattanzi fans – little girls are still drawing fake eyelashes under their right eye with a sharpie. In the end, the voters chose the performer that was by far the most genuine in his craft. Crosby’s organic vibe and honest performances sold the audience week to week. The results of the show not only exposed an artist that has the potential to have staying power in the tough music industry, but it also reflected on the core of what listeners are seeking in the music industry today. What new Crosby fans may not know is that he has already been establishing himself as an artist long before MTV picked him up for “Cradle.” In 2007 he performed over 50 shows across the United States as both a headlining artist and a supporting act for Joe Bonamassa, Sam Bush, and Monte Montgomery, and he also performed throughout the UK and Holland in early 2008 appearing on all dates as a solo, acoustic performance. In the end, Crosby showcased himself as a true artist, laded the record deal, and will continue to create relevant music that will stand the test of time.

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Author: James McQuiston

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