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Jimmy Lloyd – S/T / 2008 Self / 10 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/jimmylloyd

Jimmy Lloyd begins his debut album with “Maybe”. “Maybe” is a rock track that showcases the vocal strengths of Lloyd, whom links together the vocals of Bob Dylan, Bryan Adams, and Bruce Springsteen. During this introductory track, the arrangements take on a hint of Neil Young, making this first salvo into something that is firmly rooted in classic rock. However, Lloyd speaks to the present, and this comes to the fore with “Half Human”. “Half Human” is a stripped down rock track that has much more in common with the work of The Replacements than to either Papa Roach or Disturbed.

The gritty, grungy guitar work done in this track speaks to any fan of rock music, and the catchy chorus that Lloyd lays down further hooks anyone that may be listening in. “My Baby’s Mother” shows a character that is absolutely dedicated to seeing his daughter and has become distraught; this track is impressive because of the Iggy Pop meets Kurt Cobain delivery and pacing that Lloyd has during this track. This different style is made all the more interesting when one listens to the track that follows it – “Siddhartha In A Chevy”. “Siddhartha In A Chevy” goes back to the Neil Young type of style that was first heard during “Maybe”, but Lloyd keeps things fresh with infusions of “Grave Dancers’ Union”-era Soul Asylum and pieces and parts of R.E.M.. Jimmy Lloyd does two things on this self-titled debut that may sound mutually exclusive, but are not, in the creation of a completely unique approach to rock music and allowing his style to be striped so successfully by the works of earlier artists and groups in the genre.

There are 10 cuts on this album, but individuals could easily stick with Lloyd’s music for twice as long. Lloyd has it all; a style that is incredibly easy to get behind, a narrative style that is right up there with a Warren Zevon or a John Mellencamp, and even has the look – a view at the cover of this album shows an individual that may just be the lovechild of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. With so many solid tracks on this debut album, I would have to recommend that individuals pick the disc up, check Lloyd’s Myspace for any tour dates that may be coming up, and go to those shows and be buffeted by a sound that is a pure archetype of rock music.

Top Tracks: Cop Bar, My Baby’s Mother

Rating: 8.0/10

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