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As the front of the game’s box plainly shows, this is a pure multi-player game only. It originally took Japan by storm last year, and made its American debut late last month (May, 2008). If you don’t have any friends (or any friends that own a Nintendo DS), find a way to go and search out people that have a Nintendo DS and a copy of LOL. Essentially, individuals are given some sort of challenge, trivia question, or the like, and it is their goal to write or draw a response to that challenge. The amount of time given for a response varies, and at the end of the time given, individuals end up voting on what is the best, funniest, or most correct answer to the challenge provided.

The easiest way that I can describe the game would have to be a blend of Pictionaries with Scattergories, and the resulting game play is just as humorous as an iteration of either game. To ensure that there will be a number of individuals actually playing the game, Agetec has placed the game at a price point well below that of most other DS games. However, as long as one of your crew has a LOL Game Card (copy of the game), up to four friends with a Nintendo DS can play at one time. Individuals that are wanting their games to do a number of things for them may not be a fan of LOL, but that is not what LOL was created to do. Rather, LOL is a tool that will individuals to express their creativity in a way the goes beyond the “move your stylus back and forth” instructions that are traditionally given players of Nintendo DS games.

Thus, the number of things that LOL can do is limited, but as long as you and your friends are interesting and at least partially creative, the replay value of LOL is perhaps the highest of any game that we here at NeuFutur have had the chance to review since opening up the section for reviews earlier this year. Agetec may not be the most well known of the game publishing houses, but don’t let that stop you from picking up a copy of LOL – they really do know what they are doing. Pick up a copy of LOL, call your friends, and get your creative juices going!

Rating: 7.6/10

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