My Fashion Studio (DS)

First things first, thanks have to go out to Ubisoft for supplying us with My Fashion Studio. My Fashion Studio is rated for everyone, and gives players the possibility to pick out models, dress them in the latest types of fashions, and even get things up to a point where their unique styles are present in fashion magazines. There sheer amount of possibilities available to players when it comes to clothing, models, hair styles, and makeup will make the replay value of this game high.

The game itself has more of a story than “dress up models”, in that individuals have to go and work their way up the ladder, moving from an apprentice at a larger fashion agency up to that point where the player can open up their own studio. Whether individuals are ever able to make it past their apprentice stage is determined by the time that they take in creating outfits, how fashionable those outfits are, and how accurately they were in regards to creating a proper “fashion sense”.

While My Fashion Studio may be designed with the younger set in mind, players of all age that want to get in touch with their inner fashion designer will have just as much fun playing My Fashion Studio as their kids or nieces/nephews may have. While it is not a major thing, the ability to create a number of clothing layers – just as is the case with real life designs – inject a little bit more reality to the game. I can even see some sort of educational use to My Fashion Studio in the sense that younger players can dress up their models in certain ways, see how those combinations look, and then understand which patterns and colors mesh (or clash). For parents that may be worried about the self image that My Fashion Designer may be imparting upon their children, the models have more realistic body shapes and the clothing styles are fairly conservative when it comes to the more “out there” designs that are present in the larger design houses.

My Fashion Designer is a game that, while fun, has a good set of lessons to teach players; timeliness, snappy dressing, and the idea that one has to work hard to reach their goals are all present here. Kudos to Ubisoft here for coming forth with a game that, if made by any other company, would merely be a time-waster, but in their case, is a game that any parent should conceivably look into buying for their kid.

Rating: 8.2/10

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