Petz Dogz Fashion (DS)

Petz Dogz Fashion provides players with a number of different things to do. Of course, players will have to pick their own puppy and give them a number of different fashion accessories, but the game does not end with that. What is much more interesting in my opinion would have to be the mini games that are present, allowing you to take your dog out and play a virtual game of catch, have the dog block soccer balls, and even jump rope with the dog.

The number of breeds that are present in the game are legion, and allow players to pick out Chihuahuas, toy poodles, Boston terriers, and the like. To make sure that your dog is the happiest it could conceivably be, Ubisoft has given players the opportunity to properly doll up the dog’s living quarters, ensuring that there are a number of different pieces of furniture, wall paper, and toys that can please your puppy. Furthermore, the control that players will have over their dogs are not limited to the traditional directional pad and buttons, meaning that the stylus (and even the microphone present in the DS) can be used to pet, prod, and otherwise interact with a player’s dogs. The multiplayer option allows players to involve pets in a way that is similar to actually going out and having your dog play with another dog, and really add legs to the game in terms of game play.

If individuals have been fans of the Petz, Catz, or Dogz series in the past, Petz Dogz Fashion is really the next step forward, the next evolution, in the game series. The amount of customization that is possible should be seen as the selling point for the game, meaning that the game will be continually picked up as different breeds, clothing, and living quarters are picked out. Players will likely pick up the game and go, meaning that the game will not be in its protective box for long. Here’s to hoping that the Petz line continues to add different functionality, mini-games, dog breeds, and all the things that made Petz Dogz Fashion into such an excellent game; while the series has been running for a good decade, there is still enough steam to become engrossed in Petz Dogz Fashion for months more to come.

Rating: 7.1/10

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