Raise a Ruckus #1

This is another zine that I had the distinct pleasure of copying for the editor, Foyle, who is in her own right an awesome girl. I feel closer to this zine than many others, as I was like a midwife to its birth. Zines like this really make me wish that I had a style of handwriting that I was pleased with, as Foyle’s handwriting is just so cool that it rocks my socks off. While this zine is really too short (I want more, damnit!), there are some pretty amazing pieces in its sixteen page reign. I even get a thanks in the magazine! I feel so cool! But seriously, this zine has so much more going for it besides the fact that it is one of my friends that is doing it. Pieces include a myriad of things one could fight against, including capitalism (not the monetary system, but the process of capitalizing letters), the patriarchy, and her movement to veganims. On the way, we learn somewhat about what her tastes in music (Ani DiFranco, Frank Sinatra, etc) and books (Stargirl, The Bell Jar, The Perks of Being a Wallflower) are, and what she misses about her earlier days. While I don’t have her new address with me, I would tell you to go and e-mail suitepeas@yahoo.com for it, as she has moved or is in the process of moving to a place that is different from the address on this issue. Also, I believe that she is out of copies of the zine for a little longer now, so you might need to wait until she makes #3. Great zine, little sis. 😉
Rating :8.5/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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