Random Life in Progress #2

Random Life in Progress #2 / :25 / 40M / $1 or trade / Alicia Dorr, 3729 N. Halsted, Apt. 3N, Chicago, IL 60613 / randomlifeinprogress@hotmail.com /

Able to put eir’s own personal bubbliness into each piece in Random Life in Progress, Alicia creates for eir’s readers an incredibly compelling zine. Starting out a piece with a comparison about how “Middle Eastern people are as crazy as…us”, Alicia quickly moved into a semi-serious conspiracy theory about how Nader is a Republican puppet. The wrongness of that point aside, a piece about how the future has failed us follows quickly after, a sort of nostalgia and tongue-in-cheek irony for events that have never happened. Attached to this article is the most endearing picture I’ve seen recently in a zine: Zoidberg, Bender (and I can’t tell, but I think ey is supposed to be) Amy. Where everything meshes together fairly well in Random Life in Progress, there are some high points to the zine, including the “4 conversations to ponder”, which includes the line “I like to see…shave ass”. Alicia tries to cover all bases with this issues, and I feel that a minor amount of information put out to further eir’s points, such as in “We do not belong in Iraq” does help, but still needs to be expanded to validate eir’s point further. The style of Random Life in Progress, not quite perzine, but not really anything else, is something that more accurately catches the entire persona of Alicia. To be honest, there are sections of this issue where my interest flags, but one just has to read through every word in Random Life in Progress to get the essence of Alicia.

Rating: 6.9/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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