Razorcake #14

Razorcake #14 ($3, PO Box 42129, LA, CA 90042)

A strong 108 pages this time, Razorcake ratchets up the entertainment value with continued excellence with Nardwuar reviewing Elijah Wood, revealing the secret that Wood was the kid in Back to the Future II that could not operate the nintendo machine. Norb’s piece about the fifty hottest rock and roll chicks is useful for a few minor bits of humor, but does much better as a listing of bands that have female members in them. Money’s piece immediately preceding those of Norb and Nardwuar details a sailor that has one of his first sexual experiences at a Tijuana bar, and Designated Dale caps off the extra-long (for your comfort) sized pieces with a two and a half page want about how the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame committee sucks. Aside from the humor present in every issue of Razorcake, two other pieces really bring a sense of seriousness and completeness to the issue; Sean Carswell brings a very detailed description of what happened in Korematsu V. U.S., and likens it to the measures that the U.S. government took immediately after 9-11, and Felizon Vidad talks about two deaths that really hit close to home. Interviews, in one solid block are pretty much the only thing that make this zine drag on a little bit too long, but the choice that Razorcake has in bands is impeccable : Avail, The Stitches, and Broken Bottles. Finally, I suppose that you should buy this magazine because it actually has a mini-zine along with the issue itself : Joe Biel (from Microcosm Publishing) was gracious enough to go and allow Razorcake to re-print his “The C.I.A. Makes Science Fiction Uninteresting #1”.

Rating : 6.2/10

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