Razorcake #30

Razorcake #30 / $3 / 1:15 / 116M / http://www.razorcake.com /

Razorcake has their thirtieth issue out this month, and boy do they come out with a strong step forward this issue. Of course, there are the average gang of idiots (Rev. Norb and Nardwuar) writing in this issue, but there are so many extrabits in this issue that makes this a must buy. For example, the history behind the Ramones’ first album is something that any individual in love with history should pour over, but the serious writing is not the only reason to purchase this issue. Of course, there are a few comics that are hilarious, namely being the Shizzville series and a short, one-off by Ben Snakepit. Perhaps most interesting in this issue is “Boogie Late Evening”, a piece done by Amy Adoyzie that describe eir and a friend going to a swinger’s club. Individuals that read this issue learn something that they probably already thought; that The Transplants are complete sellouts, and skinhead Rob is nothing more than an asshole, bully type of person. All I have to say is that I feel bad for Nardwuar during that interview. The Japanese band Last Target is given interview time in this issue, and so are lesser-known acts like Banditas, The Unlovables, and the Reatards. If this is indicative of the quality that individuals should expect from milestone issues of Razorcake, perhaps a subscription will be in order. With ample reviews and other material, both funny and serious, to pour through, Razorcake is fast becoming one of my favorite major-circulation magazines to pick up.

Rating: 6.4/10

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