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For those individuals that may have played Stronghold Crusader, “Extreme” is a sequel of sorts. As was the case in the original game, individuals play against the Saracen, in what Firefly calls a “Castle Sim”. There are a number of different units and modes for fans to chew upon. Particularly interesting is the crusader extreme mode, which means that there could conceivably be over 10,000 units on the board at any one given time. The new tactical powers available players are just as amazing, especially the “bombard” and “heal” powers, which will considerably change the dynamics of play.

Individuals that have been through the campaigns available them in the original iteration (and expansion) of Stronghold Crusader will dig the “crusader extreme trail”, which provides players with 20 new missions beyond the original set of battles. For a limited time, there is a further 30 mission campaign that show off the additional characters in the game, which include The Abbot, The Emir, The Marshal, The Nizar, and The Wazir. To make the value of the game even higher, Firefly has provided individuals with the original Stronghold Crusader game on the set, even going so far as to clean up the game play and graphics. Firefly has also done a great thing in making the game accessible to individuals that may not have the most cutting edge of systems. All that individuals need is a 500 megahurtz processor, 128 megabytes of RAM, and less than a gigabyte of disc space. With all of these additions and game play options (individuals can even use 30 different stand-alone maps to play against their friends or other players), the $30 list price for the game seems to be a hell of a good deal.

Pay attention to what Firefly Studios is doing in the next few months, as their next project, Dungeon Hero, is slated to be put out sometime in early 2009. Until then, I believe that individuals will have more than enough fun going and playing Stronghold Crusader Extreme, a game that will keep individuals busy for days, if not weeks, straight. Here’s to hoping that Stronghold Crusader Extreme have another expansion or two left in it, but if not, players will have tons of fun with all the additional features, AI opponents, and maps that Firefly has put out for their consumption.

Rating: 7.8/10

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