Trainz – The Complete Collection (PC)

At $20, individuals have learned not to expect much from whatever they buy. This is not the case with Trainz – The Complete Collection. This is due to the fact that Paradox has crammed “The Complete Collection” full of materials and added programs to make sure that the experience of building, driving, and dispatching trains. Two versions of the Trainz Railroad Simulator are present – the 2004 and 2006 versions – that allow individuals to put themselves behind the eyes of any number of different occupations related to trains.

The amount of routes and activities that a player can do while driving a train are further bolstered with Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006, and Paradox has upped the ante further by giving nearly 100,000 different items away free to players that wish to download them off of the web site. If players get bored with the different routes that are on TRS 2006, the inclusion of Trainz Routes 1-4 will give players 20 different, new, and exciting routes with which to play around with, increasing the game play by countless hours. Perhaps what is the most interesting addition that is present in Trainz – The Complete Collection has to be the ability to construct tracks and the environment in which these tracks exist. Want to put in a densely-populated forest or in the middle of a city? That is completely possible, and will ensure that player’s imaginations are allowed to fly as freely as they wish.

Don’t get me wrong – I never played with model train kits when I was on a kid and don’t think I have even considered riding a train. Regardless of that, however, Paradox has really made this game compelling. I want to learn what all the functions are when it comes to driving a train, and the graphics are pretty solid for such a value-priced title. For those individuals that may have an older computer, Trainz – The Complete Collection is a game that will work perfectly on their system, only requiring a Pentium 4 at about 2 Ghz, and only 512 MB of ram to smoothly run the game. So, if you want a game that is fun for players of all ages, does not have any violence or profanity, and provides a modicum of education, make it a point to pick up Trainz – The Complete Collection, and keep an eye on Paradox to see where they take this game in the future.

Rating: 7.5/10

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