Unkle Come Back With “End Titles…Stories For Film”

This summer sees the return of UNKLE as they release their spectacularly beautiful End Titles…Stories for Film, a collection of eclectic recordings from UNKLE and various collaborators that were inspired by the moving image in the last two years since their last effort War Stories was recorded. End Titles…Stories For Film will be released in North America digitally July 15 and at retail September 2 on Surrender All–the all-encompassing label/studio/music company co-founded by James Lavelle. The current UNKLE line up comprised of James Lavelle and Pablo Clements.

This pioneering act are never prepared to stagnate or run out of fresh ideas about musical styles and collaborations and so they have teamed up with some of today’s most exciting and cutting edge acts with this album including Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Black Mountain, Gavin Clark, Joel Cadbury (South) James Petralli from White Denim, Chris Goss (Masters of Reality, Queen of the Stone Age), Dave Bateman, James Griffith (from UNKLE’s touring band) and Aidan Lavelle.

In addition to a diverse mix of musical talent, UNKLE have always chosen to work with some of the most directional and avant-garde filmmakers in recent years and have become known for their inspired marriage of audio and visuals. From their cult music videos like the Jonathan Glazer-directed video for “Rabbit in Your Headlights,” to their mesmerizing visuals at live shows, Lavelle and company are masters of using the two media together to dramatic effect.

Highlights on this new release include “Heaven” and “Blade in the Back: which are featured on Spike Jonze’s skate video Fully Flared, as well as being the opening and closing title tracks from Odyssey in Rome, the Alex Grazioli documentary about celebrated director Abel Ferrera for which UNKLE provided the entire soundtrack. The album also covers collaborations with Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones who they worked with on the artwork for War Stories. Other tracks are collaborations with Philip Sheppard who recently scored the movie In The Shadow of the Moon, as well as pieces of music created in their Surrender All studio by James and Pablo themselves.

Compiling this collection has been a liberating experience for Lavelle. ”It covers a much wider range of influences than an album, like War Stories, which has a particular focus,” he says. “There is room for everything in this kind of collection, from classical all the way to beat-driven instrumentals and electronic rock.”

To celebrate the upcoming release of their new album End Titles… Stories for Film UNKLE will be giving fans the opportunity to download four separate album tracks via four different websites absolutely free. Although fans will have to collect the tracks individually, when all four cuts from the album are played consecutively in order, they play as one extended, mixed piece of music that comprises the middle section of the record.

The four tracks will be made available as follows:
Kaned And Abel via UNKLE.com on Fri, June 27
Chemical (feat. Josh Homme) via Pitchfork on Mon, June 30
Blade In The Back (feat. Gavin Clark) via Rcrdlbl.com on Wed, July 2
Synthetic Water via UNKLE77.com on Fri, July 4

Lavelle concludes, “A lot of the music we’re making ends up sitting on the shelf, neither properly released nor heard. A waste, really, we thought. So this album is our attempt to alleviate our musical frustrations while hoping that it will find a wider audience… It’s not a new album in the usual sense, but new music that has been inspired by the moving image.”

In other news, UNKLE recently remixed the theme song for The X-Files: I Want To Believe feature film due out July 25. This remix along with UNKLE’s song “Broken” from War Stories are the only works included in the movie not performed by Mark Snow, the creator of the world-famous title sequence and dark score for the TV show and film. The UNKLE remix and “Broken” will be released worldwide on the movie’s soundtrack July 21.

The complete track listing for End Titles…Stories For Film is:
01 End Titles
02 Cut Me Loose (ft Gavin Clarke)
03 Ghosts
04 Ghosts (String Reprise)
05 Kaned And Able
06 Blade In The Back (ft Gavin Clarke)
07 Synthetic Water
08 Chemical (ft Josh Homme)
09 Nocturnal (ft Chris Goss, James Petralli and Robbie Furze)
10 Cut Me Loose (String Reprise)
11 Against The Grain (ft Gavin Clarke)
12 Even Balance
13 Trouble In Paradise (Variation On A Theme)
14 Can’t Hurt (ft Gavin Clarke and Joel Cadbury)
15 24 Frames
16 In A Broken Dream
17 Clouds (ft Black Mountain)
18 Black Mass
19 Open Your Eyes (ft Abel Ferrera)
20 Romeo Void
21 Heaven (ft Gavin Clarke)
22 The Piano Echoes



End Titles…Stories For Film is available for pre-order at http://unkle.shop.musictoday.com

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