66 Thousand Miles Per Hour #1

66 Thousand Miles Per Hour #1 / :14 / 32M / $3.50 / PO Box 974, New Brunswick, NJ 08903 / http://www.66thousandmilesperhour.com / 

While there have been a few goings-on in this issue, the fact is that Michael’s story-telling uses a lot of pages to sum up what should take only a page or so. This really makes me think that 66TMPH should be a cartoon instead of a comic. There are just too many “filler” panels that would make sense if the comic was in fact a cartoon, but really coddle the reader. This is infuriating, as the story goes at a snail’s pace, only leading to something concrete when Evie follows eir statue. The teenage angst thing still makes the character a Daria clone, and the amount of subplots that are coinciding with this issue really detract from the story arc (Especially the gay love affair concerning the mayor, which seems to be only played off for cheap laughs in this issue). Most likely a budgetary constraint, Michael’s style just begs for more color, even if that meant more detail on the bodies themselves. The style is cartoonish, the lack of facial shading during the majority of the comic all the more so. The comic just is starting out, so perhaps an interested party should find a copy and thumb through it before making the final decision. There are some questions I would like answered, but I just cannot fathom spending $ 3 on something I am just not completely behind, especially since the action is so slowly paced. Let the brand get a few issues under its belt, and perhaps the value of the zine in relation to the price will as well.

Rating: 4.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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