AJon Sa Tinxa introduces a NEW SERIES Balearic Beach Sessions

With every year that goes by, every summer filled with magical (albeit hazy) memories Jon Sa Trinxa’s album’s become more and more of a collectors item, just as he becomes more enigmatic.

Now into his 14th year as a resident at Sa Trinxa on Ibiza’s Salinas Beach, Jon introduces the first in a new series – the ‘Balearic Beach Sessions’…

Starting as a sub culture in the 1980’s and turning into a whole movement that refused to be ignored Balearic music and its ethos hit a wider audience 2 decades ago, a kind of hedonistic, non-conformist, loving and experimental outlook that swept people off (and off) their feet. Jon Sa Trinxa is one of the originals, leaving his drab London life behind and living by this notion day in day out. Jon has spent years on the Island of Ibiza collecting this very special music that can’t be defined by genre. It moves with the times spanning acid house, vocals, hip hop, house and indie – all whilst retaining a distinctive elated vibe.

In a world where so much goes on (and so much goes wrong) the Balearic way of life, its inspiring music and characters like Jon are more crucial and relevant than ever before. So it seems fitting that on the 20th anniversary of Balearic house Jon releases this very special collection of music. ‘Balearic Beach Sessions’ is the first of a new series and we have a feeling its something you’ll want to collect and keep with every year that goes by.

The BALEARIC BEACH SESSIONS is a genius blend of Brazilian, downtempo, hip hop, funk, electronica and of course Balearic beats. Gems include ‘Everything Will Be Alright’ by City Reverb – Chris Coco’s new band. It’s a timeless vocal that will still sound great in years to come.

Ronny & Renzo ‘Big Smack And Flies’ is something of an epic moody number while Dr. Rubberfunk’s ‘Part Of Me’ is the perfect tonic with its blissful nu-jazz grooves. Leisure Allstars ‘A Lot To Say’ is low-fi soulful grooves at its best. Berlin based Henrik Schwarz’s take on Sunshine Enterprise’s ‘Zumbi’ is nothing short of heroic.

It’s almost as if this album was made to feature A Mountain of One with ‘Innocent Reprise’ being the perfect example – downtempo, pure get-lost-in-yourself emotion. Pier Bucci’s ‘Tita’ feels like an ode to a loved one; a dreamy number that feels like late afternoon sun.

No mix from Jon would be complete without a couple of very special covers so he presents Williams ‘Love On a Real Train’ (Odyssey mix) a new interpretation of an absolute classic. Next up is The Dynamics version of ‘Seven Nation Army’ (Patchworks Holiday Inn remix) – a truly original take on a modern day anthem.

Jon spends the winter months playing parties in Brazil and across Europe. This summer he’ll return to his residency at Sa Trinxa of course, hold down a Bi weekly residency at Space for We Love…Space on Sundays as well as regular slots at Atzaro, a Luxury agroturismo hotel on the island.

Additional Info:

Anyone that is familiar with Jon will know his history and know it could have turned out so differently. 14 years ago he left the UK amidst unhappy circumstances – a series of set backs and misfortune meant Jon arrived in Ibiza broke, disillusioned, separated from his records, his sound system and his passport. To top it all off he had just been hit by a car.

After this particularly nasty series of events someone decided to give him a break and Jon was offered a lift by a stranger, who happened to be the owner of Sa Trinxa bar at Salinas. He took Jon to the bar, sensing perhaps a drink in a nice setting would do him some good. By enormous coincidence Jon’s records turned up at the bar around the same time, he slept on the beach that night and when the bar’s usual DJ failed to show Jon was asked to dust off his records and fill in and he’s been there ever since…

So there you have it, a very personal collection of music from someone who has a great story to tell. Enjoy.


1. City Reverb – ‘Everything’s Will be Alright’

2. Mugwump – ‘Boutade’

3. Frankie Valentine – ‘Zumbi’ (Henrik Schwarz Dub remix)

4. Onsulade feat. Divine Essence – ‘My Reflection’

5. Breakout – ‘Planet Rock’

6. Leisure Allstars feat. The Good People – ‘A Lot to Say’ (Blackgrass’s One Arm Bandit Remix)

7. Coyote feat. Saro Tribastone – ‘Eve’

8. Fujiya & Miyagi – ‘Collarbone’

9. Wild Rumpus – Musical Blaze-up (Rub N Tug Bitches Remix)

10. Antena – Achilles (Phreek Plus One Typhoon Mix)

11. Ronny & Renzo – Big Smack & Flies (Mungolian Jetsets Medievel Knievel Version)

12. A Mountain of One – Innocent Reprise

13. Williams – Love on a Real Train (Williams Odyssy Mix)

14. Pier Bucci – Tita

15. Dr Rubberfunk feat. Sitxka – Part of me

16. The Dynamics – Seven Nation Army (Patchworks Remix)

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