Mega Man Starforce 2 : Zerker X Saurian (DS)

Individuals will likely know that Mega Man Starforce 2: Zerker X Saurian follows forth from the Battle Network line of games, but few will know that this game marks the eighth installment in that series. The game starts out with the player taking the role of Geo Stelar, a child that is in the 20XX world. Stelar links up with Omega-Xis, an alien, ultimately turning eirself into one of the most powerful Mega Man iterations that has been committed to game format. Stelar / Omega-Xis are charged with the duty of defeating villains that have the ultimate goal of bringing the evil civilization of Mu back to prominence.

Individuals gain points that they can then transfer into increased abilities, attacks, and the like. These modifiers to hit points, weapons and shields are increased in number and desirability through the collection of battle cards, which are taken from vanquished foes. The Zerker X Saurian / Ninja breakdown ensures that there is some variety to the game, as Mega Man is able to transform into one of the three races (using attacks and abilities unique to those races) after a certain point of the game. The robust amounts of battles that are present during Mega Man Starforce 2 will ensure that players are continually on their feet, and will spend more than a small amount of time ensuring their deck of battle cards is at the best possible configuration. However, none of these features and added capabilities to the Mega Man Battle Network line measures up to the online capability that Capcom has placed in this game. This means that individuals can trade specific battle cards, link together in a Brotherband (which ultimately provides them with additional abilities that would not normally be given), and this allows for Mega Man Starforce 2 to easily double the amount of game play that is present in the single-player mode.

The animations, whether Mega Man is walking, interacting with NPCs, or fighting, are top notch and provide players with a cartoony yet realistic type of style that pops at all points. Where the general game play style of Mega Man Starforce is similar to previous iterations of the Battle Network line, the updated abilities, graphics, and story line will ensure that fans of Mega Man will be able to sit down and play for a good 40 or 50 hours. Kudos to Capcom for continuing along with this series, while ensuring that it just does not feel like the same game warmed over; perhaps other game companies and developers will be able to do the same thing in the years to come.

Rating: 8.5/10

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